going into labor

or rather this is the moment where I, perched atop a papered table, am told to prepare for a long delivery. we had some publishing software issues, and due to my inherent dislike of machines, natural inclination to avoid “situations” and otherwise busy life, hit the pause button on One Terrible Thing.

the good news is that we will be ready for pre-orders before October hits, so save all of your shiny pennies and prepare yourselves.


your (more) humble editor

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only a picture will do

for such lovers of words, for we who get warm and weak-kneed by a silky turn of phrase, it amazes that no words will do in this moment.

so, here she is. our cover, still soft (copy). be gentle.

One Terrible Thing

be gentle.

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I’ll tell you the shape it takes

This issue is starting to become something. There is a silhouette of sorts. We’re anxious, of course – the twenty debutantes all a-tremble at the top of the stairs, rehearsing a coy batting of the lashes – but we can see it’s outline against the horizon.

It will take the shape of your mouth when you say your mother’s name.

It will take the shape of the box of things he returned to you, have the architecture of a living room fort, and will bear a striking resemblance to the morning after. It might also be built like the water in the glass at your bedside, but that really depends on the lighting.

We have gotten a great selection of submissions, but we’d like a whole lot more. See, the issue takes shape with its contents. I can’t build it or give it a name without you.

The deadline is drawing nigh – January 31st – to get your poems in. There is no limit on the number of poems you can send, but they must follow our submission guidelines (see current issues section). Ten lines on the theme “warnings”, no attachments please, to gunpowdermouthpress@gmail.com.

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what a day to be born…

So this is it. Gunpowder Mouth Press and its fickle editor have settled somewhere. Granted, we know the place could use some sprucing up, but really its not bad for the rent, considering the market these days. This is a fledgling press, so naturally our first home should be modest. Add some curtains and a bookshelf and it will be downright cozy.

I mean, we can start a fire anywhere.

In the meantime, we’re asking for submissions for our first title. Ten lines. Themed. See our Current Issues page for the details. Deadline is January 31st. And bear with us as we grow.

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